Therapy for Parents

Parenthood is an awesome responsibility. The weight of the work can be overwhelming at times. Many parent in reaction to the best and worst experiences from their own childhood. With the constant barrage of advice, criticism, and "perfect" parenting images, it can be hard for parents to feel confident in their parenting choices. I help parents connect to their priorities and design a parenting model that aligns with their core values, and strengthens parent-child relationships.

  • Empower primary partner bond in the wake of new parenthood
  • Embrace multicultural family dynamics
  • Navigate culture, creativity, and connection while parenting
  • Set boundaries of safety within a loving environment
  • Create grit, independence, and social responsibility in children
  • Negotiate blended and co-parenting family issues
  • Traverse the journey from teenager to college graduate
  • Strengthen intimacy with family and community
  • Parenting adult children

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Randé Dorn is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Graduate School in Clinical Psychology and is registered with the BBS as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 111746.