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Individual Therapy

Being an artist is complicated. It is sometimes consuming. It can be life-giving and soul crushing in a single gesture. Managing the emotional and practical lifestyle of an art maker can feel as precarious as Humpty Dumpty's choice of seating. Artists are called, but the choice to follow is a personal one and can present itself in a variety of ways. It is a fallacy to believe creation directly correlates with poverty, disharmony, or celebrity. Creation is an act of inspiration. It takes courage to create, but it also takes ambition and will. Those same qualities are needed to create the structure that houses your creative drive. I help artists ground their creativity in a sustainable framework that includes not only career, but family, home, joy, novelty, innovation, money, and rest.

  • Manage unique career/life structures in the "gig" economy
  • Build courage, resilience, and resolve in personal and professional environments
  • Navigate oppressive cultural/ political landscapes
  • Create sustainable self-expression
  • Manifest physical and spiritual connection with others
  • Organize priorities, clarify goals, and generate progress
  • Set boundaries of safety while building structures of creativity
  • Explore personal connection to spirituality
  • Build intimacy in the age of disconnection

Randé Dorn is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Graduate School in Clinical Psychology and is registered with the BBS as an Associate in Marriage and Family Therapy (#IMF97982). Randé is supervised by Dr. Gary Pearle, Brian Carlson, and Lance Tango.