Couples Therapy

Love is a work in progress. As we grow and change, our love for one another will experience the same journey. Love takes commitment and consistency to endure and flourish and yet many of us have a hard time defining how we want those traits to show up in our lives. I help couples articulate the dissidence and renew their behaviors of love by developing concrete steps towards attachment and joy.

    • Articulate needs and expectations for marriage before saying "I do"
    • Balance creative careers and personal relationships
    • Bridge diverse cultural dynamics within couple and extended families
    • Create relational fulfillment
    • Improve sexual intimacy
    • Strengthen the intimate partner bond
    • Improve connections with family and community
    • Fighting to be heard vs. fighting to wound
    • Deciding when to start a family



I invite you to call (818) 599-2522

Randé Dorn is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Graduate School in Clinical Psychology and is registered with the BBS as a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist 111746.